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Remington 870 Shotgun

Remington 870 Shotgun


A step by step video on how to clean and disassemble your Remington 870 shotgun.

Recommended Gun Cleaning Supplies for Your Gun Cleaning Kit


Step One - Make Sure Your Gun is Empty

First thing’s first. Let’s make sure there isn’t any shells in the chamber as well as the magazine tube. We don’t need any mishaps.

how to clean a Remington 870 shotgun


Step Two - Disassemble Your Remington 870

1. We’ll start the break down by first taking off the magazine cap at the end of the mag tube. It simply unscrews. You may hear some clicking, don’t worry you’re not stripping the threads, it’s supposed to sound that way.

how to disassemble Remington 870 shotgun


Place the cap to the side.


2. Now you can now slide the barrel off the receiver of the shotgun.


how to remove barrel Remington 870 shotgun


3. We’re going to remove the forearm assembly next. Turn the shotgun upside down. Look inside for a two tabs, one on each side.


how to remove bolt and bolt carrier Remington 870 shotgun


You’ll want to press those in as you work the forearm assembly away from the receiver. You will need to press those tabs one at a time as you wiggle the forearm assembly forward.


how to remove forend of a Remington 870 shotgun


As that slides out, your bolt and bolt carrier will come with it. Place everything to the side for now.


bolt and bolt carrier Remington 870 shotgun


4. Next up is the trigger assembly. You’ll want to make sure the safety is on before taking the trigger assembly off.


Use a small punch and tap out the two pins that hold the trigger assembly in place.



how to remove trigger assembly Remington 870 shotgun


You can take that out now, or if you’re ADD like me, remove the magazine spring first. Honestly, the order doesn’t matter here.


5. To remove the magazine spring, twist the magazine spring retainer 90 degrees counter-clockwise. You can now remove the retainer and spring.



how to remove spring Remington 870 shotgun


Now, find a parts tray that you can use to keep all the small parts of your firearm in.


This is a great place to scrub all the gun’s parts without making a mess of your gun cleaning mat, while also allowing these parts to lay there and soak in some CLP.


gun parts tray for gun cleaning


Put your bolt and bolt assembly in the tray.


7. If you haven’t taken out the trigger assembly yet, do that now by simply pulling it out from the receiver. Place it in the parts tray to be cleaned as well.


remove trigger assembly on Remington 870 shotgun


Step Three - Cleaning Your Remington 870

1. Now give everything in your tray a healthy dose of CLP. This isn’t the time to be cheap.


gun cleaning solvent


2. If your trigger assembly hasn’t been cleaned in a while or looks like it is really fouled up, you’ll want to clean behind the hammer as well.


To release the hammer, push down on it and take it off safe and press the trigger. Now you’ll want to slowly release the hammer.



how to release hammer in a Remington 870 shotgun


Give that exposed are a spray with your CLP. Now leave the parts in the tray to sit in the CLP.


CLP for gun cleaning


Give the inside of the receiver a few squirts.


CLP gun cleaning solvent


And a little on the forearm rails.


cleaning forend rails Remington 870 shotgun


And of course you’ll want to spray some down both ends of the bore.


how to clean a gun bore


Check the magazine tub and make sure that it isn’t too gunked up.


Give the spring a few squirts of CLP as well.


how to clean a gun spring


We’ll pull out our other gun cleaning supplies while we let the CLP do its magic.


A set of brush and picks is a must.


gun cleaning brush


Long stemmed gun cleaning swabs as well.


gun cleaning swabs


A bore cleaning kit in your 870’s gauge. We’re using a 12 gauge in this example so of course that’s what we’ll use.


bore snake


And last, a rugged gun cleaning cloth to wipe down all surfaces.


gun cleaning cloth


3. Now take a gun cleaning brush and give all the parts a good scrubbing.


gun cleaning brush


The trigger assembly has a lot of little parts so take your time here. If your gun cleaning brush has a small end, all the better. Use it to get to all those small remote areas.


Get all the faces of the bolt carrier.


Then the bolt itself. There’s lots of little areas to hit on this as well so take your time.


Be sure to pay special attention to the extractor. If you’re having problems ejecting shells, this being gummed up could easily be why.


extractor Remington 870 shotgun


4. It may be necessary to use a pick as well to get crusted on gunk. Scrape anything off that the brush can’t.


gun cleaning pick


Picks that are brass tipped are nice as they are strong enough to clear contaminants away but won’t scratch your gun.


Scrub everything inside the receiver.


how to clean receiver in a Remington 870 shotgun


Then clean the barrel extension.


how to clean barrel Remington 870 shotgun


5. Get some long stemmed cotton swabs and get to work on the bolt. You’ll be amazed at what comes out to there after it has been sitting in some CLP for a while.


gun cleaning swabs


On to the trigger assembly. Again, this is an area with a lot of moving parts, so make sure you work over everything.


gun cleaning cotton swabs


6. Once done, you can now push the hammer back to re-cock it.


how to cock hammer Remington 870 shotgun


The long stem gun cleaning swabs also work great inside the receiver. They will let you get to areas your gun cleaning cloth won’t.


7. Now we’ll take a durable gun cleaning cloth and wipe every surface we can get to down.


Start with the spring. Twisting it helps get all the coils.


how to clean spring in a Remington 870 shotgun


Wipe down the rails of the forearm assembly.


how to clean rails on a Remington 870 shotgun


8. Then you can get to all the parts in the tray. We won’t bore you by showing you how to wipe down every surface. You get the picture.


Now get both the interior and exterior of the gun.


You’re trying to clear out the remaining carbon and other contaminants that will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your gun.


9. The final step of cleaning will be to pull a bore cleaning kit through the shotgun’s bore. A bore cleaning kit is similar to a bore snake, but better. I has a full brush that is detachable giving you more versatility.


Grab the correct gauge for your shotgun. Drop the weight through the bore on the breech end of the barrel.


bore snake


Pull it on through. Expect it to be tight, this is what allows the bore cleaning kit to do its works.


Step Four - Lubricating Your Remington 870

Once you’re done with that, we’re going to squirt everything down with a little CLP to keep it well lubricated.


lubricating Remington 870 shotgun


This will help prevent premature wear and tear on your firearms. The beauty of using CLP over a conventional gun oil is that it also cleans your gun while you’re not.  Just by being in contact, it will pull carbon out of the metal while being stored in your safe.


Ok, now that I’m done waxing poetic about CLP, let put your  shotgun back together.


Step Five - Reassembling Your Remington 870

1. First let’s re-install the trigger assembly. Push the front end in first.


how to install trigger assembly Remington 870 shotgun


The idea is to line up the corresponding holes on the receiver with the holes on the trigger assembly.


We’ll start with the front pin first once its hole is lined up. Give it a few taps with your mallet to seat it.


how to install trigger assembly Remington 870 shotgun


Now insert the back pin. A tap or so and it should be set.


2. Next, insert the bolt carrier on the forearm rail. Line up the notches.


how to install bolt carrier Remington 870 shotgun


Grab the bolt and seat that on the bolt carrier.


how to install bolt on bolt carrier Remington 870 shotgun


3. Now grab the whole forearm assembly and we’re going to slide that back over the magazine tube.


how to install forearm assembly Remington 870 shotgun



It’s helpful to keep the forearm rail pinched in your hand as sometimes they’ll spread apart and dump out the bolt and bolt carrier.


Slide the assembly in until the receiver tabs stop progress. These are the same two tabs you pressed in order to remove the forearm assembly.


how to assemble Remington 870 shotgun


Reach in and press those tabs while gently pushing the forearm assembly into the receiver.


Cycle the pump all the way to the rear by pressing down the action release. Then push it about half way forward so that you can easily re-install the barrel.


how to cycle Remington 870 shotgun


4. Slide the barrel guide ring over the magazine tube while keeping an eye that the barrel extension slides into the receiver.


how to install barrel Remington 870 shotgun


5. Slide the spring assembly back into the magazine tube.


how to install spring Remington 870 shotgun


Place the spring retainer on the end of the spring assembly and press it in.


how to install spring retainer Remington 870 shotgun


Grab something, in this case we’re using a choke tube wrench to push the spring retainer in the tube.


Now twist it 90 degrees clockwise.


how to reassemble Remington 870 shotgun


7. Replace the the magazine cap.


install cap Remington 870 shotgun


Cycle the action a few times. It should glide easily.


Remington 870 shotgun


And there you have it. A cleaned and lubricated Remington 870 shotgun.









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