Sage & Braker's six inch bristle pipe cleaners offer you the simplest and most versatile way to get to all the hard-to-reach areas within your firearms.

SUPERIOR CLEANING POWER: While other gun cleaning pipe cleaners are just that, pipe cleaners, Sage and Brake’s bristle pipe cleaners offer a superior clean. We add in a stiffer plastic bristle that scrubs stuck contaminants without damaging your firearms all the while offering a super soft and absorbent cotton to mop up the mess.

CLEAN HARD TO REACH SPOTS: The internal parts of your firearms can have tough to reach places that a simple rag can’t get to. Our firearm bristle pipe cleaners allow you to bend and manipulate the pipe cleaner in order to reach places you never thought possible.

A DEEPER CLEAN: Your firearms are an investment and a part of your legacy. Taking care of them will guarantee that you can pass them down through the generations. Our firearm bristle pipe cleaners give you the added confidence that there will be no place that you can’t properly clean on your firearm. Combined with our CLP and bore cleaning kits you can count on a well-maintained gun with dependable performance.

CONSISTENT QUALITY: Thick cotton absorbs contaminants and carbon after broken up by the plastic bristles interwoven in our pipe cleaners. The bristle pipe cleaners are inspected for quality and strength before leaving the factory floor. These American made bristle pipe cleaners are a great addition to anyone’s gun cleaning supplies.

MADE IN THE USA: Our bristle pipe cleaners are made with pride in the USA. This allows for the strictest quality control and keeps Americans employed and contributing to the economy.

Use with our CLP to get an extra deep down clean for your firearms.

Swabs Proudly Made in the USA.

Count: 100 - 6 inch bristle pipe cleaners

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