Why settle for a standard bore snake when you can have an innovative 3-in-1 system that does far more? 

We’ve all got the same goal - getting a spitshine clean bore in less time with less mess. But the truth is you’ve got different scenarios requiring more than running one system through the bore. We knew there had to be a better way for gun owners to quickly clean their bore no matter the situation.

Here’s a few reasons why our shotgun and rifle bore cleaning kits offer maximum function and versatility:


  • Complete 3-in-1 system for the easiest clean
  • Detachable brush and buffing rope
  • Individually labeled components
  • Compact canvas sack perfect for travel
  • Versatile, faster, easier

The Difference

We’ve all been there - you either need a thorough scrub or maybe you just have a bore in need of a quick buff. You can finally break your system into 3 essential tools with our Rifle & Shotgun Bore Cleaning Kits:

  • Traditional brush and buffing rope system
  • Buffing Rope
  • A Full Brush

You can run the full system to quickly clean your bore or just the buffing rope for situations where you don’t need a brush. And for the times when you really need to loosen fouling and grime inside, simply attach the pull cord to the brush and scrub the bore as needed. 

Take one look at our brush and it’s easy to see the difference - you get an actual brush, not tiny brass bristles lacking the full cleaning power to remove stubborn grime and fouling. 

Our Promise

We’ve found this to be indispensable on trips near and far since there’s finally a solution to clean your gun exactly how you want without being handcuffed by a one-dimensional bore snake. Just tuck the canvas sack into your cleaning mat and you’ve got the tools you need in a compact package no matter where you go. 

Our bore cleaning kits offer the greatest value with the most effective and easy solutions possible. You not only get the functionality of the 3-in-1 cleaning kit but the Sage & Braker guarantee. 

You won’t find that commitment on the shelf of a big box store. 

When you’re ready to step up to the premier cleaning system, simply choose the applicable size and you’re on your way to spitshine clean. 


For more info on how to use our kits, check out our Blog Article Here.

Use with our CLP for a superior clean.

Sizes for just about any gun on the market.

Choose a size below or CONTACT US for help choosing the proper size.


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