The battle with small parts ends here. 

We’ve all had those pins, springs, and other parts try to run away during a gun cleaning session. Or maybe you never seem to have a dedicated place to soak parts like bolts, ejectors, and choke tubes in CLP without making a mess.  

Try doing this away from home and it becomes an even bigger headache. 

When we made the decision to solve these problems, we knew we needed a product that met all the demands of firearms enthusiasts:

  • Tough enough to handle the strongest solvents
  • Perfect size to contain parts without bulk
  • Effortless portability and easy storage
  • Built to outlast anyone who buys it 

The Sage & Braker Firearm Parts Tray is a beautifully simple solution you can take anywhere so hunting down small parts is a thing of the past. And it’s wrapped in our classic, heavy-duty waxed canvas to last more than a lifetime.

The cleaning area is a one-piece top-grain oil waxed leather so you never have to worry about solvents soaking through. Just snap the corners together and you have a perfectly sized tray to store and clean the small stuff. And it’s perfect for heavy-duty cleaning sessions when you need a place to brush fouling and buildup off small parts. 

When you’re done, simply unsnap the corners and it rolls up to take up a minimal amount of space in your gun cleaning mat. It’ll be there when you need it whether you’re shooting clays or coming back to camp after chasing birds. 

And like everything with the Sage & Braker name, our lifetime guarantee promises you’re getting a product crafted at the highest caliber. 

Because you can’t put a price on peace of mind.


Working Area Dimensions: 10 inches long X 6 inches wide X 1.5 inches deep.

Laid Flat Dimensions: 12.5 inches long X 7.5 inches wide.

Rolled Up Dimensions: 7.5 inches long X 2.5 inches wide X 2.5 inches deep.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Edgar Castillo

The Sage & Braker Firearms Parts Tray is a much needed and crucial piece of equipment to have when cleaning your firearms. It's perfect for keeping track of parts of all sizes. It prevents loss and missed parts.

Just like all S&B products, the parts tray is heirloom quality so that it will last forever. It can be passed down along with that old shotgun or rifle. It is beautifully crafted, that you will almost be too afraid to put dirty parts in it.

Great tray to avoid lost parts and cleaning

Easy to spray CLP onto parts, wipe when done.


Great product and very well made


Excellent quality product

Mike Scanlan
Great tray

This tray is a must when cleaning firearms in the field. I use to use old pop cans, water bottles or my dog water bowl. This stores easy and fits in the mats pockets well. Well built to.
Good idea