FOUR - STAINLESS STEEL & BRASS PICKS // Other gun cleaning pick sets offer you either a full stainless steel pick which can scratch and damage your expensive firearms or a full brass pick which is weaker. Sage & Braker gives you the best of both worlds. Our picks handle’s are made out of super tough stainless steel and the double-ended pick heads are made out of non-damaging brass.

FOUR - COPPER & NYLON DOUBLE ENDED BRUSHES // Our kits come with two double-ended nylon brushes as well as two double-ended copper brushes. We give you the option for the power scrubbing of a copper brush as well as the softer scrubbing of a more delicate nylon brush.

WAXED CANVAS & LEATHER ROLL-UP ORGANIZER // Our 12 oz. waxed canvas tool roll-up keeps your brushes organized and protected. It fits perfectly in our gun cleaning mat’s roll-up pouch. We also added leather swatches to protect the waxed canvas from potential punctures from the picks.


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