Bore Cleaning Solvent


The war on carbon buildup ends here. 

All of us need a powerful gun cleaning solvent for days when we burn up the barrels. The problem is most cleaning solvents come with their own set of health risks, potent fumes, and angry wives. 

Get a break from the hazards of average solvents - and get an easier cleaning process. We designed the Sage & Braker Bore Cleaning Solvent (BCS) to take on the most stubborn carbon fouling and still be perfectly safe to use indoors. With more than twice the cleaning power of our CLP, it makes quick work of carbon buildup without risking damage to bluing or wood stocks.

Go ahead, shoot those boxes of dirty ammo without thinking about the major cleaning project afterward. 


  • Bio-based, non-hazardous and safe indoors
  • More than 2x the cleaning power of our CLP
  • Simple and easy spray application
  • Unlock the most stubborn carbon buildup
  • Won’t damage bluing or stocks
  • Manages carbon beyond the cleaning process
  • Made in the USA

Fast, Deep Cleaning Power

The Sage & Braker BCS comes in a spray bottle so application is mess-free and no surface area is missed. A little goes a long way thanks to the efficient fine mist sprayer - no more drowning cleaning patches in jars of solvent. Even with heavy carbon buildup, just spray to coat the surface, let it soak for a few minutes, and then scrub and wipe away. Done. 

No endless brushing or waiting overnight for solvent to penetrate - and the bio-based solution manages carbon contamination beyond the cleaning process to help keep your bore cleaner, longer. 

Non-Hazardous and Safe Indoors

Nostalgic old smells might bring back memories, but the rest of the family doesn’t appreciate lingering fumes. 

Sage & Braker BCS was formulated to tackle the toughest carbon buildup without negative health effects. Made with 75% bio-based materials, you’ve got a cleaning solvent suitable for indoor use without having to worry about long-term exposure risks. 

Whether it’s an AR you feed dirty ammo, a favorite handgun, or that old scattergun that needs attention - our bore cleaning solvent gets them spitshine clean without breathing in or absorbing hazardous chemicals.

The Perfect Companion to Your Cleaning Kit

Sage & Braker BCS fits perfectly in one of our cleaning mats and works fantastic when combined with our bore cleaning kits. Match up the cleaning power of BCS with our CLP (Clean, Lube, Protect) and you’ve got the perfect duo to keep your firearms spitshine clean, lubricated, and rust-free. And you can use both indoors - perfect when space is limited or you’re stuck inside due to bad weather. 

Our BCS is proudly made in the USA - and we back it up with the highest level of service you’ve come to expect from Sage & Braker. 

After all, crafted at the highest caliber means passing down guns with bores that left no doubt you did your part in preserving the legacy of your firearms. 

Warning: If allergic to pine or citrus materials - use with extreme caution

Industrial grade product: do not swallow - keep away from children & pets

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pete Retsema

Seems to work as it should. I have been happy with the cap, expect the same from the bore cleaner.

Laci Espinoza

I bought this for my husband along with the cleaning kit, cleaning mat, and cleaning tray.
Our 3rd anniversary was something leather so the gun cleaning mat was perfect and leather. I bought several accessories as a wife and non experienced gun owner.
My husband says these products especially the oil has far exceeded his expectations.
He shoots suppressed and nothing he had purchased previously had taken care of the carbon build up before I purchased this product.
He has thoroughly e.jiyed cleaning his weapons with this oil. It had cut down cleaning time as well as get the job done.
He can't stop talking about his oil and the products I purchased. It was a total win for me, the wife and has been for him as well as the gun owner. Thank you for maimf such great products and for genuinely investing in these products to make them what you advertise them to be, which is to perfection.
We are Sage & Baker fans for life!
Thank you, and God Bless.