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Sage & Braker - CLP Technical Overview Regarding:  Performance & Chemical Engineering for Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

Sage & Braker - CLP Technical Overview Regarding:  Performance & Chemical Engineering for Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

In this article we will go over the basic differences between Sage & Braker – CLP compared to the standard CLP, gun oil and gun solvents.

In the following points – we are going to share the decision(s) in formulation design and chemical engineering which provides for performance and cleaning event advantages with attention to specific areas within firearms.

  1. Sage & Braker CLP is designed to many of the European qualifications of NATO S-761 regarding a CLP with Biobase content  (Bio Based Clean Lube and Protection) product for use with small and large caliber Firearms. Although not a Military Specification product, many specific qualification areas are fulfilled by our Clean, Lube and Protect.

  1. Our CLP uses a unique and proprietary formulation which includes technical grade biobase chemical materials along with aerospace synthetics which are designed to be stable in storage and provide consistent performance in use.

  1. Sage & Braker CLP Biobase chemistry is a technical combination of Citrus, Pine and Palm Oils where other biobase gun lube products, might use common Methyl Soyate. Methyl Soyate when sitting in storage and subject to the polarization from raw steel creates is subject to accelerated oxidation, as the Methyl Soyate breaks-down and becomes gummy and sticky.  This is why Sage & Braker does not use Methyl Soyate in its CLP product.

  1. Sage & Braker CLP has the special capability to provide carbon and contamination  management which barrel bore efficiency and performance repeatability. With this special ability for the carbon to blow out of the muzzle as being pulled out with the vacuum of the bullet; the barrel bore operates cooler and historically improves feet per second 1% to 3%.  With the bullet moving cleaner with less friction from carbon - this slightly improves target placement.

  1. Sage & Braker CLP provides a pleasant aroma with the effective cleaning power of Citrus, Pine & Palm oils .  These are hi-performance - oxygenated bio base chemicals that naturally cleans and removes carbon and sulfates with an improved cleaning event in less time.
CLP gun cleaning products
  1. Sage & Braker CLP has a KB or Kauri-Butanol Value +80% (ASTM tested ability to clean)  which is over 3Xs higher than brake and metal parts cleaner (25%). Chemical fact; the higher the KB value,  the greater ability the chemistry has a to both clean and handle higher levels of contaminants without oxidation or break-down.  This is evident when the oil quickly becomes gummy and varnish. This Kauri-Butanol performance in combination with the aerospace synthetic PAO fluids and technical grade base oils  is most important when you allow the firearm surfaces to operate with a thin film of Sage & Braker CLP – the CLP fluid is so durable ; it will handle most any situation that comes its way during operations, not breakdown and stay reliable.

  1. Sage & Braker CLP does not contain any barium salts which are hazardous to wetlands, aquatic life and when absorbed into the skin in high concentrated amount and barium salts do not burn clean in the fire chamber or barrel bore.  Barium Salts are used with the rust preventatives of most CLP products.

  1. Sage & Braker CLP provides protection with common inside storage or case and designed for Fresh Water Humidity and Land use (non-Salt Water Ocean Marine) against rain and land conditions and still allows premium firearm performance  both pistol and rifle with single shot and semi-automatic.

  1. Sage & Braker CLP has cold pour point performance greater than -50F which allows cold weather firearm operations in the Northern parts of America & Europe

  1. Clean to Function vs. Clean to Perform:  Sage & Braker CLP has the ability for many of the reasons shared ; has the ability to go beyond clean to function – and truly clean to perform.


Sage & Braker CLP is a 21st century / next generation formulation made  with a decision to meet specific performance, operation and usability issues;  Sage & Braker CLP in direct comparison side by side to common CLP products; common CLP products overall will not equal Sage & Braker CLP.

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