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Mossberg 835 | 500 | 535

Mossberg 835 | 500 | 535


A step by step video on how to clean and disassemble your Mossberg 835, 500 and 535 pump action shotgun.


Step One - Make Sure Your Gun is Empty

First and foremost, make sure the firearm is empty. Check both the magazine tube as well as the chamber.

how to clean a mossberg 835


Step Two - Disassemble Your Mossberg 835, 500 or 535

1. Once you are sure it is cleared, go ahead and unscrew the magazine cap.

magazine cap mossberg shotgun

This will allow you to slide off the barrel. Go ahead and set that aside.

remove barrel mossberg shotgun

2. Next we will remove the trigger assembly from the receiver. Push the pin out and set that to the side.

remove trigger assembly mossberg shotgun

Now it’s as simple as pulling on the trigger guard to remove the whole assembly.

how to remove trigger assembly mossberg shotgun

3. It’s quite possible either the cartridge interrupter or cartridge stop will fall out once the trigger assembly has been removed. If not, take them out now. There is one on each side of the receiver.

remove cartridge stop interrupter mossberg shotgun

4. You’ll want to push the forearm back so that you can remove the bolt slide.

 remove bolt slide mossberg shotgun

5. Once that’s out you can simply push the bolt forward through the receiver to take it out.

 remove bolt mossberg 835 shotgun

6. Now you can remove the forearm.

 remove forearm mossberg shotgun

7. The last thing left will be to remove the elevator. This can be a little tricky. Squeeze it slightly and work it out of the receiver.

 remove elevator mossberg shotgun


Step Three - Apply CLP to Your Mossberg Shotgun

Now that we have all the parts we want to clean removed, grab some sort of gun parts tray to put everything in. This will help keep them organized as well as allow them to soak in some CLP.


1. Place everything in the tray.

 gun parts tray

2. You can release the hammer in the trigger assembly by applying some pressure to it then pulling the trigger, slowly releasing it down.

release hammer mossberg shotgun

3. Grab some CLP and give everything in the parts tray a health coating.

 gun cleaning solvent

The CLP is going to be doing the heavy lifting for you. Its a great way to break down carbon and other contaminants while also lubricating your firearm.


4. Spray some down the bore from both ends of the barrel.

 clean bore mossberg shotgun

5. Spray a little on the action slide bars as well.

 clean action bars mossberg shotgun

6. Last, spray some CLP inside the receiver.

 clean receiver mossberg shotgun


Step Four - Cleaning Your Mossberg Pump Action Shotgun

We’ll pull out some brushes next and get to work on the various parts in the tray.


1. After waiting ten minutes or so to let the CLP do its magic, give all surfaces of the various parts a good scrubbing.

 clean bolt mossberg shotgun


2. Get inside the receiver as well and give that a good cleaning.

 clean receiver mossberg shotgun

3. After the receiver is clean, you’ll want to pay some attention to the breech end of the barrel as well. That can get pretty nasty so make sure to give that a bit of a scrubbing.

 clean barrel of mossberg shotgun

4. Some long stem cotton swabs can be a gun cleaning kit’s best friend. These little suckers allow you to get to areas that just aren’t possible with a gun cleaning cloth. The ones with a pointed end as well as a blunt end are particularly handy. Work on all the nooks and hard to reach areas. Anything that a cleaning cloth can’t get to should be paid attention to with your swabs.

 gun cleaning swabs

5. Now go ahead a grab a durable gun cleaning cloth. You don’t want to use paper towels here as they’ll tear and you’ll end up doing more cleaning with your hands than with the paper towel. Get what you can inside the receiver. 

 how to clean receiver mossberg shotgun

6. After that you can wipe down the action bars with you gun cleaning cloth.


7. Then get to wiping down all surfaces and set the clean parts down on your gun cleaning mat for finally assembly.


8. At this point after wiping down the trigger assembly, you can push the hammer back down into place.

 reset hammer mossberg shotgun

9. For the last part of the gun cleaning process we’ll want to clean the gun’s bore. Take a bore cleaning kit in the appropriate gauge for your shotgun. You could pull the kit through the gun while assembled for a quick cleaning, but since we have it disassembled we’ll pull it through this way.


Grab the barrel and send the weight down the breech end of the bore. Pull it through. It should be tight ensuring a solid cleaning. One pull through usually takes care of it.

 shotgun bore snake


Step Five - Lubricating Your Mossberg Shotgun

Now we’ll want to lubricate the the parts before reassembly. Give all metal parts a light spray.

 lubricating mossberg shotgun

If it looks like you went a little excessive, pat down the parts with your cleaning cloth. Make sure to get some inside the receiver as well as a little on the action bars.


Step Six - Reassembling Your Mossberg 835, 500 or 535 Shotgun

1.Ok, let’s get your Mossberg back together. First, take the forearm and slide it over the magazine tube.

 assemble forearm mossberg shotgun

You’ll see the two slots in the receiver that the action bars slide into. Line those up and push it in.


It will hit two stops not far into the receiver. Press down on the action bars while pushing it towards the rear to keep sliding it in.

 insert action bars mossberg shotgun

2. Then we’ll grab the elevator and set that back into place. You’ll see here the two holes that you want the studs to fit into. Line those up and it will pop into place.

 insert elevator mossberg shotgun

3. After that slide the bolt back in through the front of the receiver.

 install bolt mossberg 835 shotgun

4. Now you’ll want to install the bolt slide back into place. You’ll need to drop it through the clearance cut.

Move the forearm to the necessary spot to allow the notches in the action bar to line up correctly with the bolt slide. The bolt will also need to be in the correct spot to properly accept the bolt slide.

Line it up like the example here.

 install bolt slide mossberg 835 shotgun


5. After that we will install the cartridge interrupter. Again there is a hole that you will want to line it up with.

 install cartridge interruptor mossberg shotgun

6. Hold that in there while you install the cartridge stop next. Line that up in the slot like so.

 install cartridge stop mossberg shotgun

7. With those in place, you can now install the trigger assembly. The front end goes in first. You can then push the back end into place.

 install trigger assembly mossberg shotgun

Now insert the pin back into place and seat it.

 reassemble mossberg 835 500 535 shotgun

8. Reinsert the barrel and screw the magazine cap back on.

 mossberg shotgun barrel cap

Check the action and make sure everything is running smoothly. If there’s any excess CLP on the exterior wipe that off. And there you have it, a cleaned and lubricated Mossberg 835, 500 or 535 pump action shotgun.

Mossberg 835, 500 or 535 pump action shotgun

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