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Sig Sauer P320

Sig Sauer P320


A step by step video on how to disassemble and clean your Sig Sauer P320 handgun.



Step One - Make Sure Your Pistol is Unloaded

First and foremost, make sure the magazine is out and the firearm is unloaded. This isn’t a time for a silly mistake. Check and recheck that your weapon is completely cleared.

 how to clean a sig sauer p320


Step Two - Disassembling Your Sig P320 

1. Now that that is confirmed and since we already have the slide locked back, spin the takedown lever 90 degrees like so.

sig sauer p320 removing takedown lever 

2. Press the slide catch down and remove the slide.


3. You can now remove the recoil spring assembly.

 removing recoil spring assembly sig sauer p320

4. Next remove the barrel.

 how to remove barrel sig sauer p320

5. We’re going to take out the fire control unit by first removing the takedown lever.

 remove takedown lever sig sauer p320

6. Pull up on the front of the fire control unit.

 how to remove fire control unit sig sauer p320

7. With your thumb you can push on the back of it in order to push it forward slightly.

how to remove fire control assembly sig sauer p320

8. You can now pull the whole unit out of the grip module.

 remove fire control sig sauer p320


Step Three - Apply CLP to Your Sig P320

At this point you will want some sort of gun parts tray to keep the various parts in and allow them to soak in some CLP. 

 gun cleaning tray

You don’t want to lose anything small so this is a great way to keep everything contained.


1. Once you have all the parts in the tray grab some CLP and give all the parts a good coating. CLP stands for Clean, Lube and Protect for those that aren't in the know. It's essentially a solvent for gun cleaning as well as a gun lubricant.

 solvent for gun cleaning

2. Be sure to spray some down the barrel’s bore. Don’t be cheap here. Lay it on. The CLP is going to be doing the heavy lifting by breaking apart carbon and contaminants.


3. Hit the slide as well. Hold it at the angle we are showing here as you don’t want to get CLP in near the firing pin if you can help it. Spray down the outside of the slide as well.


clp gun cleaning

4. Spray a little in the grip module and we’re set.


If your gun is really dirty you’ll want to give the CLP ten minutes to do its magic on your firearm’s parts.


Step Four - Cleaning Your Sig P320

Next for the tools of the trade. Grab a double ended nylon gun cleaning brush and get to work.


1. Get the takedown lever since its in there.


2. A light brushing on the recoil spring assembly as well.


3. Get the outside of the barrel and the lug.


4. Spend some time on the fire control unit. There’s a lot of little parts and springs in there, so don’t just hammer away at it.

cleaning fire control unit 

Get everything your brush will allow you to get. If you have a small end on the brush, this is a great spot to use it.


5. Brush the slide next. Concentrate in the interior. You’ll want to brush all surfaces, but concentrate on the rails as well as the breech face.

 cleaning rail sig sauer p320

On the breech face is where the extractor sits. You’ll see this little part that sticks out. Make sure that this is clean as this is what extracts spent shells.


If there is some really crusted on gunk that refuses to let go, you might need to resort to some brass tipped cleaning picks to dislodge it.


6. After that the grip module can use a bit of scrubbing. Hit the magazine well with a light brushing.


7. We’ll pull out some gun cleaning swabs next to remove the carbon and contaminants that the brushing broke up.


These swabs are great cleaning tools to get to all those hard to reach areas.

 gun cleaning swabs

Get all the various parts that a cleaning cloth won’t be able to reach. This will especially be true in the fire control assembly. There’s all types of typically unreachable areas.


If you’re finding a few stubborn areas it might be time to pull out the big guns.


Bristled pipe cleaners allow you a little extra scrubbing power because of the plastic bristles, but also gives you the cotton of a typical pipe cleaner to mop up to loosened gunk.

 pipe cleaners for guns

Add the fact that you can bend them in any direction you want and you have yourself a perfect gun cleaning tool.


8. Now we’re going to want to clean the firearm’s bore. Grab the appropriate caliber bore cleaning kit for your P320. In this example we are using a 9mm so that’s the caliber kit we will use.

 bore snake

While holding the barrel, send the bore cleaning kit down the breech end of the bore. That’s the side with the lug on it in case you are not sure.


Pull the kit all the way through. The CLP already did the heavy lifting so often it only take one pull through to get that bore looking like glass.


9. Now we’re going to take a rugged gun cleaning cloth and give everything a wipe down.

 gun cleaning cloth

Get the exterior and interior of all the parts you can reach. We are trying to clean off any leftover CLP as well as carbon.


9. When you’re done wiping down the frame, send the cloth through the magazine well to clean that out.


sig p320 grip module

You’re trying to get any grit off your firearm that could later lead unnecessary wear on your firearm. A good gun cleaning not only preserves the life of the firearm, but can make it a more reliable weapon. Plus it gives you a good chance to thoroughly inspect the weapon since it will be disassembled.


As you’re finished wiping down the various parts, place them on your gun cleaning mat for final lubrication.


Step Five - Lubricating Your Sig P320

1. Again take your CLP and give the barrel a light spray in order to lubricate it for reassembly.

 lubricating sig sauer p320

2. Spray a little on the fire control unit.


3. Finally, spray a little on the inside of the slide.


4. (Optional) In almost all cases CLP is more than enough to properly lubricate your weapon, but if you’re one of those guys that sends endless rounds down range, a little high quality firearm grease might be the ticket.


Spread a little on the lug of the barrel and you can then spread it out evenly across the barrel with a swab.

 firearm grease

Place the barrel back in the slide when done.


Then a little in the slide by the rails and again disperse it.

 lubricating pistol slide


Step Six - Reassembling Your Sig P320

1. Your first step to reassemble your P320 is to get the fire control unit back in the grip module. Start by seating the back end in first like this.

 fire control unit sig p320

Then depress the trigger slightly so it easily slides into place.

 install fire control unit sig p320

Snap it into place. Make sure the slide catch is seated in the little groves.


2. Press the takedown lever back into place.

 takedown lever sig p320

Once it's in, spin it to the vertical position like so.

 how to reassemble sig p320

3. Now you can reinsert the recoil spring assembly. A quick note here. The recoil spring assembly can vary from P320 to P320.


If you have one with two stamped in dots on an oblong face like we do here, make sure the dots are facing up and down like this when reassembling.

 install recoil spring assembly sig p320

Otherwise your slide won’t seat properly.


4. Once that’s in you can reassemble the slide onto the grip module.


sig p320 slide

Push it all the way back and lock it open with the slide catch.

 sig p320 slide catch

Turn the takedown lever 90 degrees counter clockwise.

 reassemble sig p320

You can now release the slide.


And there you have it. A perfectly cleaned Sig Sauer P320.


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