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Springfield XD40

Springfield XD40


A step by step video on how to disassemble and clean your Springfield XD40 handgun.




As with any firearm, we are going to take the magazine out and make sure the weapon is clear of ammunition before attempting to clean it. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

 how to clean a Springfield XD40


1. While the slide is still back, you can rotate the disassembly lever clockwise to the 12 o’clock position.

remove slide from Springfield XD40 

2. While controlling the slide, press down on the slide stop and ease the slide forward. You can now take the slide off of the frame.


3.Remove the guide rod and spring and set aside.

 remove guide rod Springfield XD40

4. Grab the lug of the barrel and remove it.

 remove barrel Springfield XD40

5. Once the handgun is disassembled, you’ll want some sort of gun parts tray in order to keep the various parts organized and to give them an area to soak in some CLP. A gun parts tray is an integral part of your gun cleaning kit. Place the slide, barrel and guide rod and spring in the tray.

 gun parts tray

6. Pull out some CLP and give all the parts a thorough spray down. CLP or Clean, Lube and Protect is essentially a gun cleaning solvent and gun oil in one.

how to use CLP to clean a gun

6. Be sure to spray some CLP in the gun's bore.

 CLP to clean gun bore

Don’t forget the frame as well. The CLP is going to do the heavy lifting, so let it sit for 10 minutes or so.


7. Grab a brush and pick set and we’ll get to work on scrubbing the carbon and gunk off of your Springfield. Take a brush and give all metal parts a good brush down.

 clean a Springfield XD40

Removing carbon and contaminants is essential to preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your firearms.


We’re not going to show you every part being cleaned, but be sure to get the rails and breach face of the slide, paying special attention to the extractor.

 clean a extractor on gun

Get inside the frame as well and hit the rails.


8. Once we are done with the brushes grab some gun cleaning swabs to clean out what the brushing has broken down. Clean out the rails and get to any places you think that a cleaning cloth won’t get to.

 how to clean rails Springfield XD40

Inside the frame is a great place to use swabs as there are lots of little nooks in there.

 how to clean gun frame

9. After that grab a durable gun cleaning cloth. Avoid paper towels here as they typically break apart and end up making more of a mess than it’s worth.


Wipe down all parts. You want to clean off all of the CLP that is now going to be a mixture of carbon anyway.

 cleaning Springfield XD40

As you finish cleaning a part, set it aside on your gun mat. This really is a simple gun to clean, so there aren’t any secrets here. Just give everything a good wipe down.


Send the cleaning cloth through the magazine well to make sure all the CLP is out of there.

 how to clean magazine well

10. Next we’ll grab a bore cleaning kit of the appropriate size. A .40 cal being the case here. Send the kit through the breach end of the bore and pull it through. Typically one swipe through will take care of it.

 handgun bore snake



Now, before assembling your Springfield XD40, you’re going to want to lubricate it with CLP.

1. Apply a little spray on the inside of the slide and then get the rails of the frame.

 lubricate Springfield XD40

2. Add a spray or two on the barrel as well.

 properly lubricate Springfield XD40



1. You can now take the barrel and replace it inside the slide.

 how to reassemble Springfield XD40

If you feel there’s a little too much CLP on the parts, pat them down with your gun cleaning cloth.


2. Now take the guide rod and spring and replace that like in the example here.

 how to install guide rod Springfield XD40

3. Grab the frame and make sure the disassembly lever is still in the 12 o’clock position. If not move it there now.

 how to assemble Springfield XD40

4. You can now replace the slide onto the frame. Push it all the way back and engage the slide top to lock it into place. Rotate the disassembly lever counter clockwise to the 9 o’clock position.

 how to assemble Springfield XD40

5. Release the slide and wipe down any excess CLP.

 how to clean a Springfield XD40

6. Give it a few racks to make sure it’s in good working order.

 cleaning a Springfield XD40

And there you have it. A fully cleaned and lubricated Springfield XD40.


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