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Glock 42

Glock 42

A step by step video on how to disassemble and clean your Glock 42 handgun.




First things first. Let’s make sure the weapon is unloaded. Remove the magazine then open the slide and make sure that the chamber is empty. This isn't the time to cut corners, take the time to make sure your firearm is unloaded and safe.

clearing a glock 42



1. Now that we are absolutely sure the gun is cleared, release the slide, point the gun in a safe direction, and pull the trigger.

disassemble a Glock 42

2. Wrap your hand around the rear of the firearm like you see in the photo here and pull back on the slide. You don’t need it to go far back, just a little will do.

take apart Glock 42

3. Now with your other hand pull down the takedown lever. The below photo shows you where the takedown lever is. 

 disassembly lever Glock 42

4. You can now release and push the slide forward. Place the slide to the side.

 how to remove slide Glock 42

5. Remove the recoil spring from the slide.

 how to remove recoil spring Glock 42

6. Now remove the barrel from the slide.

how to remove barrel Glock 42



1. Your Glock 42 is now disassembled and ready for cleaning. Grab some sort of firearm parts tray. A gun parts tray is a great way to help contain the mess that is often involved in cleaning your firearms and allows the parts to soak in CLP.


Place the recoil spring, barrel and slide into your parts tray.

 gun parts tray

2. Grab some CLP and spray down all the parts in the tray. CLP is a gun cleaning solvent, gun oil and protectant fall in one. It's essentially a solvent for gun cleaning as well as a solution to keep your gun well lubricated.

 gun cleaning solvent and lubricant

Be sure to give a few squirts down the bore. Everything else gets a good soaking as the CLP is going to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to cleaning your handgun.


3. Let the parts soak in the tray for a few minutes. After that we are going to scrub them with a nylon gun cleaning brush.

 gun cleaning brush

You’ll spend the most time on the slide. Get in and brush down the rails. If you have a narrow end on your nylon brush, this is a great spot to use it.


Give the breech face a good scrubbing as well. Concentrate some effort on the extractor. This is a crucial part of your firearm that you want to keep clean.

 gun cleaning kit

Obviously it doesn’t matter the order you’re cleaning these parts, just make sure all surfaces get a good work over.


The interior of the frame could use a cleaning while we’re at it as well. Make sure to hit the rails and trigger group. A little work on the magazine well wouldn’t hurt either.

 clean a glock 42

4. Now we’ll pull a 9mm / .380 caliber bore cleaning kit through the gun's bore. You could pull it through while the firearm is assembled, but since it’s already broken down, we’ll do it like this.

 9mm bore snake

Be sure to send it through the breech end of the barrel and pull it through towards the muzzle. One pull through typically does the trick in all but the dirtiest of bores.


5. Next we’ll grab a hold of our gun cleaning swabs and get to those areas that is going to be tough to reach with our gun cleaning cloth. Pay attention to the lug of the barrel.

 gun cleaning swabs

Then get to work on the slide. The pointed end of our gun cleaning swabs works really well for getting inside the slide rails. 

 how to clean a gun slide

Take your time and pay attention, grit left behind will increase the wear and tear on your firearm so make sure to get all carbon and contaminants out of there. We depend on our firearms to be reliable and the best way assure this is to keep them well maintained.


After that, clean up the grip module. Hit the rails and anywhere else that looks like it has carbon on it.


6. Now everything gets a wipe down with your gun cleaning cloth. Get all the surfaces on the exterior and interior. Avoid using paper towels as they break apart and end up leaving little pieces of themselves in your firearm.


As you clean off the parts from the parts tray, set them aside on your gun mat for reassembly.


Get to work on the slide next. All surfaces should be wiped down.


After that wipe down the frame. You can send your gun cleaning cloth through the magazine well to clean that up and make sure there isn’t excess CLP in there.

 gun cleaning cloth




1. Now we’ll want to give all metal parts a light spritz of CLP to properly lubricate it. Lightly spray the slide, frame and barrel. A little on the recoil spring will help prevent any rust that could occur.

 lubricating your firearm

2. CLP in most cases works perfect for lubrication. But if you blow through a lot of ammo or don’t clean your gun as often as you should, a little bit of firearm grease might be helpful.

 gun grease for handgun

Apply a little bit of grease to the lug and barrel. You can disperse it with a gun cleaning swab or your finger.


3. Place the barrel in the slide.

 putting together glock 42

4. Hit the rails in the slide with a little bit of grease. Use the pointy end of a gun cleaning swab to disperse the gun grease.

 lubricating your firearm

5. We’ll now insert the recoil spring assembly. Insert the front end first then press the back end of the recoil spring assembly into its place against the barrel's lug.

 recoil spring assembly glock 42

6. After that you can push the slide back onto the frame.

 how to reassemble glock 42


And there you have it, a fully cleaned and lubricated Glock 42. 




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