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Browning Citori Shotgun

Browning Citori Shotgun


A step by step video on how to clean and disassemble your Browning Citori Over/Under shotgun.



1. First we want to make sure the weapon is unloaded before attempting to clean it.

How to Clean Browning Citori




1. Now we’ll remove the forearm by pulling the forend latch lever up and pulling the whole unit away from he rest of the gun.

disassemble browning citori

2. After that, using the top lever to break open the gun, separate them and set aside.

 how to clean over under shotgun

3. Now we’re going to pull the ejectors out. You only need to do this a few times a year, depending on how much you shoot. But we’ll show you how to do it here.


Slide the ejector forward until the hole lets you see the little screw underneath.

 remove ejector browning citori

These need to come out first before you can slide out the ejectors. Use a small flathead screwdriver and go through the hole to the screw to unscrew it.


4. Place the screw in your tray. You can now slide out the ejector and place it into the tray as well.

 remove extractor over under shotgun

We are dealing with a double barrel shotgun, so everything you end up doing to one barrel, you’re going to do to the other. Repeat the process to the other side and place the parts in the tray as well.



Now you can go ahead and pull out all your gun cleaning supplies. We have a list of the cleaning supplies at the top of the article that we suggest to use for cleaning your firearms. A small flathead screwdriver and choke tube wrench would also be suggested.


1. Now everything in the tray needs a healthy coating of CLP. We'll let that sit to the side and soak while we spray down some other parts.

 how to clean shotgun ejectors

2. Let that sit to the side as you spray CLP down both ends of the bore.

 gun cleaning solvent

3. Let the CLP sit for 10 minutes or so and then send a bore cleaning kit of the appropriate gauge down the breech end of the bore. You’ll be amazed at the gunk that comes out.

 bore snake for cleaning shotguns

You can use a rod and brush, but we find our bore cleaning kits do a much better and  quicker job of cleaning your gun’s bore.

 clean shotgun bore

And of course, repeat the process for the other bore.


4. Once you've cleaned the bore you'll want to take out the choke tubes as well.  Use a choke tool to loosen them and then you use your fingers to twist it the rest of the way out.

 how to remove choke tubes shotgun

5. Once they're out place them into your gun parts tray and spray those with some CLP.

 how to clean choke tubes

6. We’ll hit the ejector channels with some CLP while we’re at it.

 cleaning ejector slide

7. Then spray down the breech face to get the carbon breaking down in there.

 Clean breach face of shotgun

8. Grab a nylon brush and get to work on the breech end of the barrel. Pay attention to where the ejectors sit. Get in there and break everything loose.

 cleaning ejector channel

9. Work through all the parts of the breech on the reviever. Loosen up any carbon and debris you see in there.

 clean breech of shotgun

There’s a lot of little areas to hit, so take your time and get that brush in there and give it a good scrubbing.


10. Take some long stem cotton swabs and get all the hard to reach areas throughout the gun.

 gun cleaning swabs

This is a good way to clean up any carbon or debris that the brush dislodged earlier.


12. Now take a bronze phosphorous brush, or nylon if that’s what you have, and scrub all the parts in the tray. 

 gun cleaning

Get in there and make sure every surface is scrubbed. You don’t want any gunk left in there that can fowl up the ejectors.


Get the threads of the choke tubes as well.


13. You’ll want to grab your gun cleaning cloth and wipe down the choke tubes. Pay special attention to the threading.

 how to clean choke tubes 


1. Place a little firearm grease on the threads of the choke tubes and use a cotton swab to disperse it throughout the treads. 

 how to grease choke tubes

This will help them from becoming stuck the next time you go to remove them.


2. Screw them back in by hand and then use your choke tube wrench for the final seating.

 how to remove choke tubes

3. Give the channel the ejectors sit in a squirt of CLP to properly lubricate them.

 lubricating ejector channels

4. Use a rugged cloth and wipe down all the small parts in your tray. 


Set those on your gun mat for easy reassembly.


5. Now you can reassemble the ejectors in the reverse of how you took them apart.

 reassemble shotgun ejectors

They should slide in smoothly to their channel. If not double check that the channels and ejectors are properly cleaned.


6. Make sure to line up the hole so that you can set the screw in properly to its home.

 proper alignment ejector browning citori

Repeat this for the other ejector as well.


Now for the simple reassembly.


7. Add a little CLP for the moving parts.

 lubricate shotgun

8. Take the barrel and snap it into place on the receiver.

 assemble browning citori

9. Now, take the forearm and snap that into place as well.

 assemble forend browning citori

10. Give all surfaces a final wipe down.

 how to clean a browning citori

And there you have it, a properly cleaned and lubricated Browning Citori shotgun.







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