Sage & Braker's Bore Cleaning Kits provide you with the fastest, cleanest and easiest way to clean your shotgun and rifle’s bore.

SAVES TIME: One pull of our gun cleaning kit takes the place of rods, brushes and patches.

DETACHABLE BRUSH: Unlike traditional boresnakes, our design allows you to separate the buffing rope and bronze brush for power scrubbing when the need arises as well as washing the buffing rope separately. This ability and the quality of our material puts us above the rest of the bore snakes you will find on the market today.

LESS MESS: Our bore cleaning kit does the job of traditional equipment with less mess and time.

These gun cleaning kits will spit-shine the inside of your barrel like no other. It comes in a handy canvas carrying sack to help keep it neatly packed away when taking it into the field or when throwing it in with your other gun cleaning supplies.

Use with our CLP for a superior clean.


How-To Use Our Rifle Bore Cleaning Kits in Conjunction with Our CLP


Sizes for just about any gun on the market.

Choose a size below or CONTACT US for help choosing the proper size.

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