We’ve all got the same goal - getting a spitshine clean bore in less time with less mess. As often as handgun enthusiasts tend to shoot, we knew they needed a fast, simple way to clean their bores without disassembly. 

Our handgun bore cleaning kits are made with premium components and offer the fastest cleaning process:


  • Full brass brush - no weak bristles in the rope
  • 25-inch buffing rope for a superior clean
  • Compact canvas sack perfect for travel
  • Stout pull cord for maximum strength
  • No need to disassemble handguns
  • Fits lever-action ejection ports


The Difference

Take one look at our brush and it’s easy to see the difference - you get an actual brush, not the tiny brass bristles sticking out of the rope on other bore cleaning systems. You get the full cleaning power of a rod with the ability to remove stubborn grime and fouling in seconds.  

And if you’ve got some lever guns, our handgun cleaning kits are perfect for the shorter ejection ports. A day at the range with favorite pistols and old lever action rifles only gets better when the cleaning process is complete in just a few simple pulls of our bore cleaning kit. 

Just tuck the canvas sack into your cleaning mat and you’ve got everything you need to ensure the bores of your handguns are always spitshine clean. No dirty patches laying around or solvent dripping where you don’t want it. 


Our Promise

Making firearm maintenance quick and hassle-free is what we’re all about. That’s why our bore cleaning kit comes with our lifetime guarantee. We’ve left nothing to chance in giving you the easiest path to spitshine clean bores for all your pistols. 

Use with our CLP for a superior clean.

How To Clean a Handgun with Sage & Braker's Handgun Bore Cleaning Kit


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Richard Paarfus

I really like the separate brush and thick rope. Cleans better than other bore snakes.

Duane Norris
Excellent products and service

I have used S&B bore snake for a number of years. So, much better than any others that I have tried.
I had an issue with the 9mm snake. A simple email to support and within days, I had a brand new one. Excellent! Customer for life.

Chris D
Excellent, but.....

I like small companies and I seek them out for items I need and support them appropriately. I picked up 3 different handgun caliber bore snakes and they came over pretty quick and well packaged. At first inspection they seem to be well made so i guess I'll have to see how well they hold up over time. My only issue is they are made in China. Might be a small thing to some folks but my 38 years of serving the US Army has set my mind in supporting my country and as much as possible buying what I need that is made in the good ole USA. Just my own little pet peeve. I'll put them to the test tomorrow after a morning at the range though, so we shall see.

James Howe
Works as advertised

I wanted an alternative/replacement to the traditional rod and brush (or BarrelBuddy) process and decided to give the 9mm/.357/.38 bore snake a shot. No matter how many rounds I put through, or how dirty the ammo may be, 2-3 drops of Hoppes No. 9 on the snake brush and a single pass is all that's needed to get the bore gleaming again. Admittedly, I was skeptical due to the rampant marketing in the gun cleaning business, but I look forward to purchasing and using more of these snakes for other firearms. It's a high-quality, boutique-level product that works brilliantly.

Can’t do better!

I picked up a couple different sizes. Per normal excellent packaging. These snakes are no joke. Outstanding quality. Which equals outstanding results. Shooting a bunch of rounds at the range and need a cleaning to continue or on the bench cleaning these can’t be beat. Build quality is outstanding. They hold up to washing so these will last a long time.