It’s your ace in the hole when things get heated. 

While other products may help manage and reduce friction, nothing compares to grease for handling serious metal-to-metal contact points…but not just any grease at the local hardware or sporting goods store. 

You want a product that sticks and won't break down, even during high-volume shooting and major temperature swings. Our firearm grease is easily applied exactly where you need so you can trust your firearms are protected from the hazards of friction for the long haul.


  • Precision tip to apply exactly where you need     
  • Lubricates and protects high-friction areas
  • Sticks where oil won’t and doesn’t run
  • Fills the imperfections on metal
  • Weatherproof from -60F to 135F
  • Ideal choke tube grease

The List is Endless

Whether you’re shooting handguns, rifles, shotguns, or ARs - you’ve got friction points best served by premium firearm grease. 

While other lubricants are easily over-applied or break down quickly, those concerns are now a thing of the past. You finally have a way to lubricate those shotgun rails or the slide on your 1911 without getting oil on anything else. The grease actually fills the imperfections on the metal to lubricate and smooth moving parts.  

The precision tip alone makes this a no-brainer…which is particularly useful when lightly greasing choke tube threads so you never have to muscle one out of a shotgun again. 

And it’s perfect for high-volume shooting since it doesn’t run and handles high heat. On the flip side, it excels in cold temperatures as well because it remains effective at 60 degrees below zero. 

Don’t underestimate the risks of friction over the long term, especially if your firearms see heavy use. When you combine our Firearm Grease with CLP, you’ve got the perfect combination to easily extend the life of all your firearms.  

Sage & Braker's grease comes in a 1oz. / 30mL aluminum tube with a precision tip for easy application.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Morris

I’d like to say, I only use the best of the best products when it comes to my firearms. So I’d say, Sage and Braker are the best, hands down!

That extra somethin

Great stuff. Recently used it on a new bolt action that was nonetheless a little scrapey on some high friction points. Added this stuff and its smooth as butter now. Combined with their CLP, its worth having a tube in the bag.


Excellent quality product

Great Protection

If your using their CLP you probably don’t need this but if you have a queen that you want a little more protection or a gun with a really bad friction area this is the product you want. You use very little for great coverage. Does not gunk up at all. Just enough to give it a little sheen is perfect. It does it job and no gunking up.