Sage & Braker's Firearm Grease lubricates and protects high friction areas with our anti-wear formula. Significantly reduces friction and improves reliability, all while lengthening the life of your firearm.

PROTECTS HIGH FRICTION AREASProtects high friction areas by attaching and filling the metal’s imperfections, smoothing and lubricating the firearm.

COMPLIMENTS CLP: Our aerospace, lightweight design is a synthetic grease that sticks where oil cannot. 

WEATHERPROOF: From the arctic to the desert, our grease's all-weather performance is reliable from +135F to -60F.

CHOKE TUBE GREASE: Prevents your choke tubes from welding to your gun's bore.

Sage & Braker's grease comes in a 1oz. / 30mL aluminum tube with a precision tip for easy application.


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