Every cleaning kit needs CLP, but it seems new information surfaces every day regarding the negative health effects of some of the various chemicals gun owners commonly use. 

The truth is many of us clean our firearms indoors with family members nearby - why take a chance with harsh and hazardous chemicals when you’ve got a safe alternative providing a deeper clean and rust-free performance? 

Sage & Braker’s CLP gives you superior cleaning power, premium lubrication, and first-rate protection from rust and corrosion - without breathing in or absorbing harsh chemicals through your skin. You finally have a non-hazardous, bio-based solution to replace obsolete gun cleaning solvents and lubricating oils. 


  • Penetrates and deep cleans fouling on a micro level
  • Easy application with fine mist sprayer
  • Lubricates and dissipates heat
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Safe & non-hazardous
  • Rejects carbon buildup
  • Made in the USA


Unmatched Performance

CLEAN - Sage & Braker’s CLP penetrates on a micro level to remove carbon, lead, and copper fouling that other CLP products can’t extract. Our CLP continues to work after applying by further drawing out any fouling and reducing static to minimize future buildup.  

LUBRICATE - Many of us have memories of older guns with actions so smooth they seemed to operate themselves. For the smoothest operation, our CLP breathes new life into moving parts by not only lubricating but dissipating heat so your firearms operate at lower temperatures, even during heavy use. 

PROTECT - Sage & Braker’s CLP is designed so your guns function at the highest level without being robbed by the hazards associated with corrosion, fouling, heat, and friction. Our CLP formula not only prevents rust, but it manages contamination so the surfaces of your firearm reject carbon and fouling. 

Each 4 oz bottle comes with a fine mist sprayer so a little goes a long way. No annoying drops to squeeze out of a bottle - just an easy-to-use spray to evenly coat all the surfaces you need to clean, lubricate, and protect. 


Essential for Every Gun Owner

If you want your firearms to stay rust-free, spitshine clean, and shoot like the day you brought them home, our CLP is the bottle to reach for. 

It’s a must-have product to keep in your cleaning mat and perfect for trips near and far. When you combine our Gun Cleaning Swabs, Bore Cleaning Kits, and Bristle Pipe Cleaners with CLP, you’ll get firearms with impeccable function and performance your kids will appreciate decades from now. 


Use in conjunction with our Gun Cleaning Swabs and Bore Cleaning Kits for an outstanding clean.

Proudly Made in the USA.

4 oz. of the finest CLP comes bottled with a fine mist sprayer.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 499 reviews

Great product. I use it on all my firearms.


Best on the market!!! Been using this CLP for 4 years now and can’t recommend it enough!


Excellent quality product

James Stress
Gone too soon

Smells good, cleans great, but how about a bigger bottle?

Blake Otto
I use it as cologne

Also works great for cleaning your firearms