Sage & Braker's CLP is the most advanced and powerful Clean, Lube and Protect to ever hit the market. It will save you time, revive the reliability and protect the future of your firearms.

CLEAN: Highly penetrating liquid that will infiltrate every surface on a micro level to provide a deep cleaning on carbon, lead and copper fouling.

LUBE: Coats and protects the bore and all moving parts of your firearm. Our CLP provides improved heat dissipation resulting in cooler weapon operation temperatures.

PROTECT: Feel confident that your firearms will be well protected from corrosion and rust. More importantly, our formula provides carbon and contamination management during the use of your weapon.  Our anti-static formula greatly reduces static which rejects the attachment of carbon and contaminants.

SAFE: A step above your standard gun oil and solvents, our CLP is bio-based and non-hazardous.

Use in conjunction with our Gun Cleaning Swabs and Bore Cleaning Kits for an outstanding clean.

Proudly Made in the USA.

4 oz. of the finest CLP comes bottled with a fine mist sprayer.

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