Sage & Braker’s Modifiable Bore Cleaning Kit is the most advanced and versatile way to clean your firearms.  Much more than your standard bore snake, our system is a must-have for your gun cleaning kit. Our system provides you a faster, easier, and more versatile way to take care of your guns assuring you that they will be around for generations to come.

DETACHABLE BRUSH & BUFFING ROPE: Use the brush as a stand-alone unit to get the deep-down grime dislodged from your gun’s bore. If you’re looking to only use the buffing rope portion you’re in luck as well. Attach the pull cord to the buffing rope for a pure cloth clean. And of course, you can use our bore cleaning kit as a fully connected brush and buffing rope system. 

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Our system combines the powerful cleaning of the traditional rod and brush system with the ease of use of a bore snake. 

EASILY IDENTIFY ALL PARTS: All of our bore cleaning kit components are individually identified with their gauge or caliber. Everything is easily identifiable.

GUN CLEANING MADE PAINLESS: Let's face it, shooting your firearms is the fun part. Cleaning them? Not so much. We provide you with an easy, fast, and painless to keep your firearms in perfect working order. 

LESS MESS: Our bore cleaning kit does the job of traditional equipment with less mess and time.


Our bore cleaning kits will spit-shine the inside of your barrel like no other. It comes in a handy canvas carrying sack to help keep it neatly packed away when taking it into the field or when throwing it in with your other gun cleaning supplies.


For more info on how to use our kits, check out our Blog Article Here.

Use with our CLP for a superior clean.

Sizes for just about any gun on the market.

Choose a size below or CONTACT US for help choosing the proper size.


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