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Gun Cleaning Kits - What Gun Cleaning Supplies You Should Be Carrying With You

Gun Cleaning Kits - What Gun Cleaning Supplies You Should Be Carrying With You

When it comes to the best gun cleaning kits it varies tremendously from person to person as to what they consider essential. Their home bench might have an array of gun cleaning supplies while their field kit may only have the necessary gun cleaning supplies to clear a jammed gun. Heck, I’ve even had buddies that had their Remington 870s live behind the seat of their pickup truck, never seeing the likes of a single piece of gun cleaning gear (they called them disposable guns, when they jammed and became useless they just ended up buying a new gun… yeesh!).

Here I’ll go over what should be in everybody’s basic gun cleaning kits. Luckily with Sage & Braker’s Gun Cleaning Mat you can keep all of these gun cleaning supplies with you in the organizing pouches that roll up with the gun mat. Pretty dang handy if you ask me.

Gun Cleaning Kit Essentials

  1. Bore Cleaning Kit - Whether for your shotgun and rifle or your handguns, this will remove all debris and contaminants from you gun’s bore. If you ever walked through the muck on a duck hunt, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  2. CLP - Having a cleaner and lubricant on hand is a must. If your gun’s slide gets gummed up or you’re getting jams, a few squirts on the firearm’s moving parts usually gets her up and running again.
  3. Gun Cleaning Brush & Picks - Nylon and brass brushes used to scrub out all the nooks and crannies as well as brass tipped picks to get unwanted debris out of tough to reach areas without harming your gun's finish.
  4. Gun Cleaning Swabs - Cotton tipped swabs to remove the dirt and contaminants the brush and picks and CLP broke up. The final cleanup.
  5. Rags - A couple of rags to wipe everything down.
  6. Gun Cleaning Mat & Organizer - You’ll need something to lay your gun on to protect it from whatever surface you plan to clean your firearms on. You might as well kill two birds with one stone and have that gun mat organize all of your gun cleaning supplies while you’re at it. Our gun cleaning mat has you covered.

Sage and Braker Gun Mat

These are the basics gun cleaning supplies the you should have in your gun cleaning kit in order to keep your gun running well in the field. You never know when you’ll have that epic day where the sky goes black with an incoming swarm of mallards or that perfect day in the upland. A jammed gun in that situation is completely unacceptable.

See you out in pheasant fields.

// Fred Bohm - Sage & Braker

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