Sometimes the biggest problem with cleaning firearms is that we just don’t have anything close by to wipe parts with. And most of those are just throwaway rags that tear and leave lint everywhere. Who wants to waste time cutting up old shirts anyway?

Our microsuede gun cleaning cloths are purpose-built with the finest materials to be a workhorse within your gun cleaning kit. 

  • 12”x12” - ideal size for big and small cleaning jobs
  • Microsuede won’t tear or leave lint behind
  • Highly absorbent to soak up everything
  • Ultra durable for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Washable and reusable

The Sage & Braker microsuede gun cleaning cloths are made to save time and make cleaning your firearms easier. 

Easy and Effective

You finally have the perfect size to cloth clean and polish your firearms without bulky material hanging everywhere. They’re highly absorbent and tough as nails so they handle the most demanding cleaning sessions without ripping and soak up the maximum amount of grime, fouling, dirt, and grease. 

Reusable and Built to Last

When you’re done, simply wash with dish soap and warm water. Let it dry and you’re ready to go for next time. 

They come in a 3-pack so they pay for themselves many times over. You can have one everywhere you need - in your cleaning mat, range bag, or at home. 

And for your buddies who come to camp unprepared, you’ve got a perfect place to leave a few and help a friend. We’ve found them to be essential for days in the field with bad weather or hot shooting.  

If you want to simplify and improve your cleaning process, add these to your kit. You won’t be disappointed.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Excellent quality product

Randal Zimmerman
Awesome cloths

I have been really happy with these cloths! I use old T-Shirts to get the 1st layer of grim off and finish with these guys. I also keep one in my shooting bag for a quick wipe down at the range before I load up the shotgun in the case.

David Parks
Gun cloths

Heard about you on Scott Lindens Upland Nation. Love the quality look of your products. Did not need any gun cleaning supplies at this time but thought I would try the cloths. Great size and quality. Keep one in cartridge bag and one on my cleaning station. Will definitely be order gun cleaning supplies when the need arises.