When you think of the worst areas of a dirty firearm to clean, you’re probably reminded of long hours and hard-to-reach places. These areas pose some of the biggest challenges as time goes on and can even affect performance. 

We knew gun owners needed a simple design - something flexible enough to go anywhere but still strong enough to scrub. And it needed to absorb everything in its path so you could bring your firearm to a level of clean it hasn’t seen since it left the factory. 

Our firearm bristle pipe cleaners are made in the USA and designed to give all gun owners exactly what they need for cleaning problem areas. 

No craft aisle alternatives here, just an American-made solution to make the job quick and easy.


  • Flexible enough to bend and clean everything
  • Soft absorbent cotton to remove the mess
  • Six-inch length to reach everywhere 
  • Stiff plastic bristle to safely scrub 
  • Made in the USA


Made for the Tough Spots

It’s no secret - you need a way to get to the places where fouling builds up. These are perfect for shooters who want to save time and keep their firearms spitshine clean. At six inches in length, they’re the perfect size to get anywhere without bulk. You’re finally able to remove all the fouling and grime from the spots previously out of reach. 


Strong & Versatile

Whether you need to send our bristle pipe cleaner in for heavy-duty cleaning or bend it and get it to the exact shape you need with a delicate touch, they’re made to go anywhere and mop up everything. 

Spraying with CLP and soaking up the mess with our bristle pipe cleaners ensures nothing is left untouched. They’re also the perfect tool to take in the field for times when you need to remove dirt, mud, or debris from a firearm - no cleaning kit is complete without a handful of these for emergency use. Of course, they fit perfectly in one of our gun cleaning mats so you’re always ready for anything. 

No matter where your firearms take you, our bristle pipe cleaners make it simple to keep them operating flawlessly so the next generation understands and appreciates the legacy you’ve built. 

Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality product

Randal Zimmerman
Works great!

These cleaners really help you get into all those tight areas to clean you firearm right, the first time!