Sage & Braker's Brush & Pick Tool Roll Kit will become one of the most-used products in your gun cleaning kit. The gun cleaning brush and picks are used for scrubbing and picking out carbon and contaminants that can foul your firearm and destroy its life expectancy and reliability.


FOUR - STAINLESS STEEL & BRASS PICKS // Sage & Braker has crafted the perfect pick set that gives you the best of both worlds.  Other gun cleaning picks offer you either a full stainless steel pick, which can scratch and damage your expensive firearm or a full brass pick that is just plain weak.  Our picks have the combination of the two:  handles that are made out of durable stainless steel and the non-damaging brass pick heads to safely detail your most precious firearms.  All four picks are double-ended with different brass pick head designs so you can optimize your perfect clean.

FOUR - COPPER & NYLON DOUBLE ENDED BRUSHES // This kit also comes with two double-ended nylon brushes and two double-ended copper brushes with a full brush on one end and a detailing brush on the other end.  You can safely power scrub with the copper brushes or delicately clean with the softer bristles of the nylon brush.

WAXED CANVAS & LEATHER REINFORCED ROLL-UP ORGANIZER // This tool roll was thoughtfully and specifically designed to organize Sage & Braker brushes and picks.  Made out of our signature heavyweight 12oz. waxed canvas, there are eight slots in which four slots are reinforced with leather at the top and in the bottom, to house the four picks from piercing through the canvas.  Trimmed with crazy horse leather, this durable tool roll organizes and conveniently protects the brushes and picks as you roll it up and store it for your next cleaning. 

BTW, this Brush & Pick Tool Roll Kit fits perfectly in the pouches of a Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Mat for the convenience of keeping all your cleaning kits in one handsome cleaning station.


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