Any serious firearm owner wouldn’t be caught dead without a brush and pick kit. 

It’s easy to find brushes and picks that might work some of the time…but it’s also easy to find brushes and picks that damage the finish on your firearm or are too weak to do the job. 

We set out to design a system tough enough for a lifetime of work and versatile enough to take on any situation. Whether you walk miles every year in search of birds, send hundreds of rounds through your handguns, or chase big game all fall - you no longer have to resort to the low-quality brushes and picks scattered inside a toolbox. 

You finally have an option for all your firearms in a handsome, compact waxed roll you can take anywhere. 



  • Everything fits conveniently in our waxed canvas and leather roll
  • Each brush comes with a big and small side for different applications
  • Two double-ended nylon brushes for delicate cleaning
  • Two double-ended brass brushes for power cleaning
  • Durable stainless steel handles with brass pick heads
  • Double-ended pick design for any situation


Purpose-Built for All Firearms

Every gun has hard-to-reach areas and our pick heads ensure you can get at all of them. The stainless steel handles provide unmatched strength and the various shaped heads give you the ability to remove anything from those pesky nooks and crannies. 

Whether you need to remove fouling from an inside corner of your receiver or delicately extract debris from a trigger assembly, you’ll have the right tools for the job.

Our brushes check all the boxes when it comes to versatility. The nylon brush heads are the ideal solution for light work and the brass brush heads are perfect for heavy-duty scrubbing. Each features a detailing brush for precision cleaning and a full brush for making quick work of larger areas. 



You finally have the ability to take a premium brush and pick kit everywhere. No more searching for old toothbrushes or settling for the wrong tools to clean the small spots. Our brush and pick kit roll is built from our 12 oz heavyweight waxed canvas and trimmed in Crazy Horse leather so it lasts a lifetime. We even reinforced four of the eight slots so the picks will never pierce through the bottom. 

Each tool is conveniently stored, organized, and ready for use no matter where you take it. And of course, it’s the perfect addition to our cleaning mat so you can have the ultimate go-anywhere cleaning and maintenance solution. 


Lifelong Investment

We’re a firm believer in providing the highest possible value so you can have peace of mind and ease of use - for the rest of your life. When you recognize how much our firearms define our personal history, investing in the right tools is an easy choice.

Say goodbye to dirty corners and frustration, and hello to the Swiss army knife of your cleaning kit. 


BTW, this Brush & Pick Tool Roll Kit fits perfectly in the pouches of a Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Mat for the convenience of keeping all your cleaning kits in one handsome cleaning station.


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Customer Reviews

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Edgar Castillo
Small tool kit, big quality

The S&B Brush and Tool Roll Kit has everything you need to clean and maintain your firearms in working order. Its compatibility makes it easy to store and carry, while saving space. It is made just like the rest of the Sage & Braker products, to last lifetimes and to be passed down. The quality of the tools far surpass anything you will find at your big box outdoor stores or gun shops. When you need to make sure your firearm is clean, choose S&B.


Quality. Quality! QUALITY! Great purchase and investment.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ enough said


A bit expensive but exactly what I was looking for


Excellent quality product