For far too long, we’ve struggled to keep our gun cleaning supplies in one organized place. The truth is much of the frustration with cleaning firearms is because we don’t have a place to work or a way to stay organized. 

The challenge is even greater when you’re in the field…if a workbench covered in junk isn’t a good option at home, you can bet a dirty tailgate is even worse. 

Imagine finally having a spot for all your cleaning supplies when you take the big trip out West. Picture a clean, padded surface to work every time you go to the local range - all in a compact, handsome package you can easily take everywhere. 

And built to such a degree that your kids will talk about the places it’s been as they clean your guns on it. 

We built our shotgun and rifle gun cleaning mat so you have a place to work and keep all your gun cleaning supplies organized, protected, and within reach, no matter where you go. 


  • Made with 12 oz waxed canvas, heavy wool, and Crazy Horse leather
  • 69 inches long x 16 inches wide x .5 inches thick
  • Thick wool on cleaning surface to repel liquids
  • Four pouches to hold all of your gun cleaning supplies
  • Portable, compact, rugged - endless class

Elite Craftsmanship

Like everything at Sage and Braker, our cleaning mats are crafted at the highest caliber and built to be passed down through generations. No cheap plastic buckles, discount leather, or weak materials to fall apart after a few years. 

It’s a perfect combination of thick cut waxed canvas, Crazy Horse leather, and heavy wool so you can trust it’s the last cleaning mat you’ll ever need. 

The 12 oz. waxed canvas provides timeless durability and the thick wool on the cleaning surface gives your firearms a soft place to land, all while preventing liquids, such as gun cleaning solvents and oils, from soaking into your cleaning mat. 

We not only wanted the best leather money can buy, but unrivaled toughness, class, and the ability to remind us of the places our firearms take us. Crazy Horse leather checks all those boxes and you’ll find it proudly displayed on all the trimmings and belts.  

Unmatched Functionality

You could say calling it a cleaning mat is an understatement. 

We left no design feature overlooked. From the four ideally sized pockets to the leather straps keeping everything neatly rolled up, essential gun maintenance in the field or at home has never been easier. 

It not only provides a clean, padded workspace but has ample storage to organize all your accessories. You finally have a place to fit everything you need - bore cleaning kits, rods, CLP, cleaning swabs, picks, and more. 

Simply unroll it and get to work. No more compromises on where and when you’re able to work on your firearms. 

Supreme Versatility

Whether you’re at the range near home or a thousand miles away, you’ve got space to work. 

At only 16 inches wide and rolled up, it’s made to fit anywhere so you can take it everywhere. Just toss it in the truck and you’ve got everything you need. 

The perfect companion for epic trips with close friends and great dogs, dialing in that new rifle, or burning up ammo with your favorite AR. It’ll become second nature to grab the gun cleaning mat and know good times are on the way. 

You can’t put a price on knowing the legacy of your firearms is in trusted hands. It’s partly why our cleaning mats exceed the highest expectations and deliver unrivaled value. The Sage & Braker lifetime guarantee is more than fine print, it’s a promise to offer the finest products on the market. As long as you hold up your end of the bargain, our cleaning mats will be there so you can give your firearms the attention they deserve.  

The only thing better is knowing the next generation will feel the same way when you pass the torch. 


Measurements: 69 inches long X 16 inches wide and a beefy 1/2 inch padded thickness.  All other gun cleaning products sold separately. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Kirby Lambert
Awesome product

Very good quality makes it easy to look and be organized now I have to get some more guns

Tab Core
Awesome Cleaning Station

Have cleaned several shotguns after receiving an early Father’s Day gift. The mat rolls out nicely and all the accessories fit perfectly in their place. Well made product and looks cool as well.

The Best!

I have been extremely happy with my rifle & shotgun cleaning mat! There is nothing better out there and one can tell it will last for generations. Highly recommend!


Phenomenal quality. Supper happy. Very practical and elegant

Dave Dial
Might as well have the best!

I got my rifle cleaning mat for Christmas and could not be happier. This is a great quality mat that will pass to my son someday. I really like the look of it and the pockets that carry all of the supplies I need to clean my Citori.