Whether it’s a classic bolt action rifle that’s never missed deer camp or a custom build with top-end components and optics - this is the case built to match the legacy of your scoped firearms and last more than a lifetime. 

Our firearms are one of the few possessions that tell the stories of adventure, people, and places we’ve experienced. We wanted a scoped gun case of equal significance…something you’d have to pry from our cold, dead hands. It’s the last gun case you’ll ever need and promises to be even better when your grandkids take ownership of it someday. 


  • Padded wool interior cushions your scoped firearm and wicks away moisture
  • Rugged 12 oz. waxed canvas exterior resists water and solvents
  • Indestructible Crazy Horse leather trimmings get better with age
  • ¾” brass zipper with large pull tab for full-length access
  • Removable & adjustable leather strap
  • Top flap for quick, easy access

Superior Protection

You can’t beat the combination of waxed canvas, padded wool, and Crazy Horse leather when it comes to building an heirloom-quality case. These timeless materials provide the perfect amount of cushion and rugged protection against water, solvents, and all the hazards a working gun case encounters. The padded wool interior not only wicks away moisture to fend off rust, but it protects top-end optics whether you’re taking a short trip to the range or bouncing along gravel roads all season. 

Classic Functionality

With exceptional craftsmanship and materials, the function of our scoped gun case had to be equally impressive. You get full-length access with an easy-to-grab zipper pull and stout ¾” brass zipper, so you’re able to move your firearm in and out quickly - without snagging the scope on flimsy, loose material or a narrow opening. The middle handles are positioned for balanced weight distribution and the full-length, removable strap is perfect for longer hauls or a hands-free carry. 

It’s built to work hard and smart, season after season. 

Designed to Last a Lifetime

Designed to be the perfect companion to firearms you’d never part with, our scoped gun case leaves nothing to chance. The remarkable craftsmanship and premium materials promise to protect your firearms long after you’re gone. With first-rate build quality, you won’t have to worry about common issues like handles pulling loose, seams tearing, or zippers failing. The waxed canvas and Crazy Horse leather are just getting started the day you get your hands on it - and they only get better with age. 

Just like the firearms you plan on passing down, our scoped gun case serves as a bridge to the next generation.


Dimensions and Fit: 50" long

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Customer Reviews

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Very nice, high quality that will be handed down with the rifle some day