Range Bag


Range bag, upland dog bag or fancy man purse. Call it what you will, this waxed canvas and Crazy Horse leather bag will organize your gear while protecting it from the elements. Weatherproof and built to withstand a nuclear war, this bag will likely outlast its owner.

A doctor's bag style top allows for maximum opening so you can easily reach all your gear. Far more than a place for extra magazines and boxes of shells, our range bag provides multiple zippered pockets and pouches to store the essentials exactly the way you want. With abundant and intelligent storage options, you’ve got the perfect companion for every adventure. A removable leather shoulder strap can carry as much as you can stuff into the bag.

Our indestructible range bag is an investment in the legacy of your firearms. Whether you’re hunting behind a favorite veteran dog or breaking clays with your son or daughter for the first time, our range bag is a memory bank with an infinite amount of storage. 

It’ll tell your greatest stories when you no longer can.


Dimensions: 12" Wide x 9.5" Deep x 9" Tall

Easily fits eight boxes of 12 gauge shotgun shells.

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