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Assembling the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

Assembling the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

Sage and Braker makes building the ultimate gun cleaning kit is easy. Combining their products will cover your gun cleaning needs in every aspect necessary, preserving your family heirloom for the next generation.


The beauty of this cleaning kit is that it is portable and can be taken anywhere you go. Whether it is cleaning the bores of your favorite shotgun on your truck's tailgate or wiping your prized deer rifle down at camp after a long day hunting, this article will have you covered. Its compactness and portability make it an excellent option for those without space for a designated gun bench. 


CLP - Clean + Lube + Protect


CLP gun solvent and oil

The heart and soul of the gun cleaning kit are the gun cleaning solvent and oil. Sage and Braker’s CLP is an all-in-one that fulfills both of those roles. CLP penetrates carbon, lead, and copper fouling with ease in combination with cleaning brushes. It lubricates the moving parts on your gun and aids heat dissipation while cycling. Lastly, it protects your firearm's finish from the elements. This oil provides corrosion resistance inside and outside of your gun.


This CLP will cover the majority of your cleaning needs. Sometimes, a more powerful copper or lead fouling specific product is needed, but those are the exception, not the norm. Since it does the big three; clean, lube, and protect; you don’t have to worry about getting it on the wrong components as it isn’t harmful to any of them. 


Firearm Grease


firearm grease

Sage and Braker’s firearm grease is a compliment to CLP. It is a synthetic grease that is much thicker than oils and doesn’t run when applied. It is made to be used in higher friction areas than conventional oils. This firearm grease was designed to reduce friction and reduce long-term wear. This grease is perfect for choke tubes as well. Adding a small dab to the fine threads of a choke tube will keep them from getting seized up and ruining the barrels.


Shotgun & Rifle Bore Cleaning Kits



The modifiable bore cleaning kit is an excellent option for the ultimate gun cleaning kit. These bore cleaning kits are specific to bore size and are all you need to keep the bore of your rifle, handgun, and shotgun in good order. They have a bore brush and buffing rope system that can be modified to do one or both tasks with each pull through the barrel. The brush will knock any fouling loose, while the buffing rope will wipe away any loose debris and keep the bore shining. 

If building the ultimate gun cleaning kit for a handgun, handgun bore cleaning kits are also available in all of the popular calibers and bore sizes. 


Firearm Parts Tray


gun cleaning parts tray

The firearm parts tray is an excellent addition to any cleaning kit and is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you had it. When the waxed canvas is unrolled, the corners button up to provide you with a tray to hold small parts while disassembling and cleaning. The oil-waxed leather interior is highly resistant. You can simply lay your parts in the tray and spray them with CLP without fear of the tray being damaged. 


Brush and Pick Tool Roll Kit


gun brushes and picks

A brush and pick set is needed in every cleaning kit. This kit will handle the dirty work of the cleaning operation. The brushes can scrub and brush away built-up fowling in combination with CLP. Copper and nylon bristles are used on these to ensure no damage to your guns' protective finishes. 


The brass picks are made to go places that are hard to reach with the standard brush. Made of brass, these are also non-marring and can be used anywhere on a firearm without damage. These picks have a stainless steel body that the brass inserts attach to. There are eight different pick heads and four bodies that come with the kit to give you endless possibilities. Lastly, this kit comes in a waxed canvas roll that protects them when they aren’t in use.


Gun Cleaning Chamois


gun cleaning cloth

The gun cleaning chamois is made of a microsuede material that is washable and reusable so that it can be used time and time again. This 12”x12” cloth is highly absorbent and extremely durable. It will remove dirt, grime, burnt powder, and unwanted oils and greases. This absorbency makes it the perfect cloth to wipe your gun dry after a long day of hunting in the rain.


Firearm Cleaning Swabs


gun cleaning swabs

Sage & Braker’s firearm cleaning swabs are essentially long-handled cotton swabs. These double-ended cotton swabs have a six-inch wood handle that allows you to reach just about anywhere.


One end of the swab is rounded, while the other has more of a point to it, perfect for getting in those tight recesses. What I really like about these swabs over others is that they don’t break up and fray easily. Some of these cheaper brands will start to fall apart when saturated with cleaning solvents. 


Shotgun and Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat


gun cleaning mat

The Sage & Braker cleaning mat is the heart and soul of the ultimate cleaning kit. Built to be passed down from generation to generation, it is highly durable. Made out of heavy-duty waxed canvas, Crazy Horse leather with a soft padded wool face, it provides you the opportunity to clean your gun anywhere you want. 


At one end of the cleaning mat, a series of pockets are positioned to hold items like the ones listed above. This makes it possible to have an all-in-one cleaning kit that rolls up into a small package that can be taken anywhere. When needed, simply unroll it, and you are ready to clean your prized guns. With this mat, you have no limits to what can become your gun cleaning bench; coffee tables, tailgates, coolers, and cots are all viable options.


These mats aren’t just for rifles and shotguns. Sage & Braker also makes a Handgun Cleaning Mat where the cleaning area is much smaller. The pocket configuration is slightly different but capable of holding all of the items listed above, making it a perfect addition to your range bag.


Quality Counts

There are many gun cleaning products on the market today. They are available in every price range imaginable, and all claim to be the best. In my opinion, there is no substitute for quality. Every one of the products that Sage & Braker makes is high quality. Most of their products come with a lifetime warranty which is a testament to their commitment to bringing you the best quality product imaginable. While you will likely never need it, it’s good to have that option if anything ever goes wrong with the product. 


As mentioned, these products are built to be handed down from generation to generation of gun owners. Having all of them in one place makes cleaning quick and fun. When your gun cleaning becomes too involved, you are less likely to do it. With this kit, you can field strip and thoroughly clean your gun in less than fifteen minutes.


If you are searching for the ultimate gun cleaning kit, look no further than the line of quality products made by Sage & Braker.


Written by Kurt Martonik

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