You don’t buy your other gun cleaning supplies from Walgreens, so why continue to be annoyed by stuffing weaker swabs and q-tips into your firearms?

Every gun has those pesky areas requiring a precise touch to complete the cleaning process - we made sure our cleaning swabs would be the perfect tool to finish the job quickly and easily. 


  • Double-end tip design - one blunted tip and one pointed tip
  • Highly absorbent tips remove everything and won’t snag
  • 6-inch length so they reach the toughest spots
  • Made with wooden dowels so they don’t break
  • Made in the USA


Purpose Built for Firearms

The Sage & Braker gun cleaning swabs feature a double-end design specifically made to clean everywhere and leave nothing behind. One end is a blunt tip made for swabbing wider areas and the other end is a precision tip so you can penetrate the tight spots where dirt, fouling, and grease build-up. 

The material on the end of the swabs is highly absorbent and won’t snag - they remove all the junk without leaving material behind on edges and corners. And when you need to precisely apply CLP or firearm grease, these are the perfect tool to get it exactly where you need it. 

The backbone of the cleaning swabs is a wooden dowel so you can remove all the grease and grime without bending or breaking weaker options. 

At 6 inches in length, they’re the perfect size to reach every nook and cranny you’d otherwise need to disassemble the gun to get to. That means those deep dark crevices inside your receiver are now easily within reach. 


For Every Gun Owner

Whether you’re an upland hunter, handgun enthusiast, or precision rifleman - our cleaning swabs save you time and frustration. 

They’re conveniently packaged in a tube of 100 for protection and easy transportation. 

These are a must-have to keep in your gun cleaning mat - they might even save a hunt on those days when everything goes wrong and you get dirt or debris stuck in your action or receiver. Some people even bring a few into the field in case of an emergency cleaning situation. 

It’s time to bid farewell to a pile of bent and broken q-tips and a gun with fuzz hanging off every corner. Just read the reviews and you’ll see why our customers won’t be caught without them. 


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