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Handgun Cleaning Mat

Handgun Cleaning Mat


Sage & Braker's handgun cleaning mat is made of the finest wool, crazy horse leather and waxed canvas. Trimmed and bound together with rugged leather, this gun cleaning mat is built with the intention to pass it down through the generations.


Protect Your Firearms

Not only does our gun cleaning mats protect your firearms from getting banged around by providing you with a half inch thick, padded wool surface to work on, but it protects the surface underneath it. That dining room table is no longer in jeopardy of becoming a stained-up gun solvent cesspool. 

Our mats aren't just mouse pads with gun parts printed on them. They are a high quality, guaranteed for life work of art. If you plan on passing your firearms down to the next generation, you'll be passing your Sage & Braker gun cleaning mat with them.


Not Just a Mat

This gun cleaning mat is the foundation of your gun cleaning kit. It gives you a place to work on your pistols as well as storing your gun cleaning supplies when not in use.

Roll it up when you're finished and you have everything you'll need for the next time you're at the range.

Our mat's surface when rolled out is 39 inches long by 12.5 inches wide. Plenty of room to work on your disassembled weapon.

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