Dog collar, lead and leash in one. When safety and convenience are as important as function and good looks, Sage & Braker’s sporting dog collar and lead is the only logical choice.

You and your hunting dog will never be unprepared again. Sage & Braker teamed up with Denali Lead to bring you the first sporting dog collar and lead in one. This patented design is both a collar as well as a short lead. The lead is firmly connected to the collar with powerful magnets when not in use.

We all know that sometimes our dogs need to be controlled while in the field. Whether working on steady to wing and shot, keeping our pups away from other unruly dogs or keeping them away from the numerous dangerous situations that come up while hunting. Our lead and collar has you and your best friend covered.

Just grab the pull tab and your Sage & Braker dog collar turns into a leash. When you're done and ready to turn him loose, just connect the magnets back together and let him rip.


How to Measure Your Dog for Our Collar

Simply take a tape measure around your dog’s neck where he normally wears his collar to find the correct sized collar for your pup. There is no adjustment on the collar so be sure to measure for the correct size.

Measuring Dog for Collar

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