Father's Day Cleaning Bundle

$285.00 $319.00

Once again we have our Father's Day Gun Cleaning Combo ready to go. 

This is the perfect gift for even the most demanding gun enthusiast! Everything your special someone will need to clean, maintain and protect his or her firearms.

The Father's Day Gun Cleaning Combo includes:

1. GUN MAT // Our leather, waxed canvas and leather gun mat that holds all of your cleaning products within. 

2. CLP // Our industry leading CLP that protects your firearms from corrosion and rust, all while lubricating it for long term health.

3. BORE CLEANING KIT // Your choice of the finest bore cleaning kit on the market. Let us know in the comments section the size of your choosing.

4. BRUSH & PICK TOOL ROLL // Four brass and stainless steel picks with two double sided nylon and two double sided bronze brushes.

5. FIREARM CLEANING SWABS // Six inch wooden and cotton cleaning swabs to get to those hard to reach areas.

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