Christmas Gun Cleaning Combo // Version 2

$220.00 $258.00

It's here once again. The perfect gift for your firearms enthusiast! It includes everything needed to maintain and protect your firearms in style and quality that only Sage & Braker can provide.

What's included:

Waxed Canvas & Leather Gun Mat: Sage & Braker's original gun mat is made of the finest wool, leather and waxed canvas. Trimmed and bound together with rugged full grain leather, this gun mat is built with the intention to last and pass through the generations.

CLP: Sage & Braker's CLP is the most advanced and powerful Clean + Lube + Protect formula to ever hit the market. It's cleaning power will save you time as it penetrates into the pores to remove copper fouling, revive the reliability of all moving parts of your firearm and help protect your firearms future.  Pine scented, perfect to capture the essence of the holidays.

Firearm Cleaning Swabs: Sage & Braker's 6" wood and cotton gun cleaning swabs serves to help you clean hard to reach areas with precision.

Bore Cleaning Kit of Your Choice: Sage & Braker's Bore Cleaning Kits provide you with the fastest, cleanest and simplest way to clean your shotgun, rifle and handgun’s bore. 


*We have 19 bore specific cleaning kits.  Please type in the gauge or caliber (rifle or handgun) for the desired bore cleaning kit in the notes section: "Special Instructions for seller."*

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